In the beginning

God created heaven, and earth. He did not create left, right or the political spin of the tragedy which occured today in Arizona. People, both in  Public life as well as Private were murdered and wounded in cold blood.

Was the heinous crime preplanned or a spur of the moment opportunity for an anarchist’s attempt at fifteen minutes or longer of fame.  I don’t know. Lives have been irrevocably changed and the blame game went from zero to red lined in nothing flat. The dead have yet to be mourned and the wounded have barely been tended.

And yet harsh vitriolic blame has been cast like acid against skin with no thought of the consequences for those words. Words that will be used many times hence. Words that can never be retrieved. Use the words to plunge and turn the knife of blame in hope of discrediting someone.

Now if the time to mourn lives cut short. Now is the time to pray for the wounded. Now is the time to light a candle and pray for safe passage of souls.  Justice will come. May it be swift and true.