Reaffirmation of Independence

On this 5th of July 2010, Two Hundred and Thirty-Four years and one day after Fifty-Six men threw down the gauntlet and declared this Country free from outside tyrannies and oppressions, we find ourselves close to the precipice once again.

There are those elected and non-elected persons who seek to bind the American People in shackles and the yoke of slavery once more. Only this time it will not be on the auction block, it is from onerous laws being made by those we elected to do work on our behalf.

Our Creator made us equal and grants certain rights to us at birth. The Constitution protects those unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

There are those who seek to weaken our rights and freedoms as a free Nation and People by enacting laws and regulations our Founders and Ancestors fought a revolution against.

The laws and regulations will violate those freedoms in the guise of being fair.

The laws and regulations purport to help those with a perceived need.

The laws and regulations created that need for help.

When a central government regulates a stranglehold to restrict any one, any group, any local or regional government from solving or taking care of a issue or disaster, there is a serious problem.

Do they fear the locals might out perform the central government in a proficient, economical and timely manner? Or do they fear the locals will take away the credit or glory for the rescue from said disaster?

I shake my head and wonder why some far away entity believes (I will not say thinks as to think means there in rational thought involved) that I, and others like me, want to be taken care of by anyone but our family or friends during our lives. Last I looked, I left my father’s house and stood on my own. I paid my own bills, worked hard for my money, kept my own house, loved, cared for and raised my family in sickness and in health.

Not once did I ask the government for help to do what is my right, responsibility and duty.

There are those in this country who wish to absolve themselves of their responsibilities and duties as citizens and adults. The government has made it easy to slip into bondage with promises of WE will take care of your every need, want or desire.

Those promises to take care of those in government bondage come from the sweat and hard work of others. From long hours put in to provide for a home and food for their families. From sweat, sore muscles and denying themselves rest or luxuries to provide a future for their families. From the diligence in saving hard earned money for the future for themselves and their families.

Nowhere in that document signed July 4th, 1776, does it say the elected government is to take the result and increase from hard diligent work to give it to those who did not work or earn that result or increase.

Nowhere in that document does it say our elected government must control every drop of water, every blade of grass, and every bit of air we breathe or what we use to conduct our lives or businesses. Nowhere in that document does it promise to provide all manner of support to its citizens.

Nowhere in that document does it allow the elected government total and absolute control over all aspects of this country or her people.

We are not a nation of people who will be enslaved by the government we elected to do work on our behalf.

There are those who seek to silence this nation’s people by using guile, subterfuges, calumnies and distortions of truth. There are those who are rewriting our history for their own economic and political ends. There are those who seek power, control and monetary gain and will stop at nothing to obtain everything they consider to be theirs by right.

We were a nation that had been lazing away and caught sleeping by thieves in broad daylight. Luckily we woke up. Hopefully in time to undo the ropes of bondage, set right and repair the damage done.

This Nation is a Republic. We are a Nation of Law and an Honorable People.

So on this 5th of July 2010, Two Hundred, Thirty-Four years and one day after the Declaration of Independence was sounded to the world, the gauntlet once again is thrown down to end the inside tyrannies and coming oppressions.