Obama Bounce: Biggest Sugar High in Polling History

Headline one day after DNC convention: Obama’s huge bounce!

Headline just after McCain picks Palin for VEEP spot on ticket: A desperate gamble!

Headline now: Oops…polls show race back to being even…more people impressed by Palin than Biden

Reporters and media pundits are not all leftists but they are all human (though I am willing to be convinced Keith Olbermann is an alien replicant). And just like any member of our species it is very hard to restrain our emotions when we fall in love.

There is no doubt that Obama has attracted a great amount of affection, even worship from the media. You can see that some of them are embarrassed by it, but most (like Chris Matthews) seek new reasons to gush about BHO. Even Bill Maher pointed out that CM and KO were “ready to have sex” with Obama.

What is really interesting is that it didn’t work: Obama did bounce out of the convention, but apparently it was the biggest sugar high in polling history with the race easing back to dead even nationally within 24 hours.

Consider that Obama is running at a time where every traditional factor (economy, registration, etc) favor the Dems. He is a very good candidate (young, handsome, articulate, charismatic, a whiz of the teleprompter). He gets most of the media attention and most of it is favorable. But he still can’t crack 50%.

Hence the quick and very test attacks on Palin: John Kerry and other know the flop sweat feeling.