The Singular Fact to Emerge from the Ministry of Truth (DOJ) Follies

Yesterday: this leaden, neo-Orwellian attempt to impose NewSpeak on the American people.

Smashcut: Paul Ryan and some other worthies doing their best impression of this guy, against the approaching darkness.

Today: Loretta Lynch’s ill-fated attempt to sanitize the historical record wound up in that oh-so-familiar place, where Obama stashes anyone/anything with a potential to blow back on him.

So what have we really learned, folks? Three things

1) A shared ethnic background and craven servitude offers zero protection against a President who treats “If You Want Loyalty, Buy A Dog” as a management principle.

2) There is still – on occasion – something to be proud of, in the Republican party elite. Buried under the ennui, knowing jaded issues positioning, and love of loot – a few principles still exist.

3) Oh, and just this: There will be no indictment, and no recommendation to indict, Hillary Clinton

Because: The last 24 hours has conclusively demonstrated is that the only evidence redacted out of Orlando, is that evidence for the integrity of James Comey, FBI director and former paragon of virtue, and his lead agent, Ron Harper.. To wit:

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: — the motive been anything other than radical Islamic terror as you look through things about his life, his family, things he were up to. Do you think there that’s reason he could have gone in to attack for any reason other than acting as an Islamic fighter?

HOPPER: Yes, absolutely. We’re actually looking into any potential motive. We’re not limiting ourselves to coming up with one motive. We’re looking at a myriad of things right now and that’s ongoing both through social media, friend contacts, people that have only met the individual for one time. That’s why we’re asking for anybody and everybody that’s had any contact with this individual to come forward so we can piece that information together for potential other motives as well.

The FBI didn’t just go along with this ‘No Islam To See Here’ narrative. They actively attempted to sell it until the public pressure became too great on the White House; and still, they are clutching at any straws (gay panic in the disco?) to sustain an alternative explanation.

The fix is in, folks. Jim Comey has proved he will cave to the demand of the progressive narrative, even in the face of an easily foreseeable, overwhelming public ridicule.

Do you really think he’s going to screw up the next 30 years of his life, by taking a principled stand on the overwhelming evidence to indict Hillary? Especially when 1/2 the country, and virtually all the media, stands ready to provide Mr. Comey air cover, should he preside over its so-convenient burial?

This is a done deal. If you have any fantasies of this FBI director resigning in protest over the DOJ refusing to indict, best to discard them now.