Orlando Doesn't Change the #NeverTrump Illogic

So, I wrote a short diary this afternoon, pointing out the real world implications of #NeverTrump purism, against the backdrop of Orlando. I came back a few hours late to find a response diary, twice the length of my original, pinned to the front door of Redstate as the 20 pt headline

My first thought: Seriously, guys? My brief post was going to sink out of sight in a few hours; why the Chicago Way blast?

It wasn’t til I read the response diary fully that this panic button reaction made sense. Briefly: some folks on the #NeverTrump side seem to have drunk from the same kool-aid fountain as TinyHands’ core supporters; i.e. ‘Logic. And proportion. Have fallen, smartly dead

Evidence for this:

– a comparison in said diary of Trump and Clinton to Stalin and Hitler. Well…. A lascivious, boorish blowhard and a scowling, pinched kleptocrat as Presidential nominees are clearly not America’s finest hour. Neither are they sadistic mass murderers with notch counts in the millions. If you’re invoking the latter set when discussing the former, you’ve passed argument and gone straight into smears – see Godwin’s Law, for the breakdown as to why.

– the absence of logic. The diarist first states that

Trump, most likely, will do nothing to stop or impact Islamic terror in America. The reason for this is that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to deal with bureaucracy.

Except, bureaucracy (even as laws) has been shown to be no impediment to Presidentially-driven change. Consider, the massive impacts to our day to day existence achieved by Obama over the last 4 years, through simple (though illegitimate) executive orders. A President Trump, in issuing executive orders to tighten border security; redistribute anti-terrorism resources; unleash ICE to do its job; and complete the wall already approved by Congress, would be acting completely within the legitimate scope of his authority. Oh, and bonus: he might actually identify Islamist terrorism as – Islamist terrorism. Not ‘workplace violence’. Or ‘domestic terrorism’. Or ‘gun violence’.

– Finally there’s the internal contradiction. The diarist clarifies Trump’s seeming helplessness, at the hands of the bureaucracy, thus:

Trump, if he were competent, could make some changes, but they wouldn’t go into effect quickly. That’s the very nature of bureaucracy. The changes that Obama has been able to implement for 8 years will not be changed quickly by Trump, if they are changed at all. Voting for Trump because you think he will stop Islamic terrorism in the United States is pure wishful thinking.

Y’know what’s wishful thinking? Thinking any bureaucracy could stand in the way of a media-saavy President that named them as a cause of American lives at risk. Civil servants respond to negative publicity like puppies to loud correction – they pee themselves, then become pathetically focused on pleasing you.

But hey, let’s assume the diarist is right…8 years of Obama have strengthened the permanent bureaucracy’s will. So…what will *16 years* of Democratic hegemony result in? Do you think Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz, or Superman is going to be able to crack that petrified monolith, after Obama ideology is cemented in place by Clintonian corruption?

So what we’re seeing, is history repeating itself – first as tragedy, now as farce. The massive case of butthurt subverting logic that brought Donald to power, is now driving the movement against him.