Life During Wartime, Part 2: The Necessary End of #NeverTrump

‘We’re being managed.’

A bit shell-shocked after the events of today, that one thought remains.

1) We’re carefully instructed on how it is gun violence / the NRA that is the real issue here

2) Of the thwarted LA attack, we’re told ‘nothing much to see here / no connection’ (and, no name for the in-custody suspect)

There’s only one (dysfunctional, mostly an a-hole) candidate in this race who might – MIGHT – do anything about this. And as much as it pains me to say it, I’m #NeverTrump no more.

For those who remain singlemindedly focused on the Donald’s defeat, this question: Exactly how much American blood, spilled within our borders by Islamic jihadists given free reign under President Clinton, will it take you to admit you were wrong.

Because that’s the choice now. Not between dumb and dumber. Not between the adulterous blowhard and the kleptomanical shrew. It’s between a candidate who may do something about the slaughter of innocents in our own cities, by an alien and uncompromising ideology; and one who has repeatedly committed to continue the throat exposed, head-in-the-sand policies of this administration.

You can’t duck this one, folks. This isn’t about Supreme Court decisions clustered on the head of a pin. Holding to #NeverTrump after today, isn’t the Cornellian dilemma; its the Burkean reality, of Islamist slaughter on American streetcorners, and blood on YOUR hands.