Canary In A Coal Mine


The clown show that is the Trump candidacy continues on pace, with near-hourly updates of malfeasance, incompetence, rank stupidity, anchored at every level with a bullying malice.

And that gives me hope, in the short term. I believe TinyHand’s campaign will ultimately follow the same trajectory as many of his business ventures – arriving in a splash of fanfare, seemingly solid, and then quickly rotting from the inside out due to poor execution, poor leadership, and market realities overcoming PR positioning.

Long term: we have a much bigger problem, post any potential 2016 outcome: The United States as a republic is on the precipice, and we owe Trump this – he’s the incompetent canary in the coal mine serving as our final warning. Three reasons why:

1) There are a substantial number of individuals who are flat out low iq / thuggish / racist nativists salted throughout our population. Far more than most of us on the conservative side of things ever would have believed, prior to this cycle

2) There are an even larger group of other folks who don’t fall into category 1, who are nonetheless bereft of hope in any political philosophy or party, and who just want to be “saved”, from -= whatever: economic uncertainty. cultural upheaveal. too rapid change.

3) in a country of nearly 400 million people, there is someone who can speak to that substantial part of the population as Trump has, skilled at manipulating the fears / uncertainties / disgust with the status quo; who also possesses Rubio’s charisma and Cruz’s tactical intelligence. That individual now has his or her proof of concept; and we…we have had our *last* warning:

We are now one or two election cycles away from the effective rise of one man rule, and the formal end of the American experiment in self-governance.

Donald’s boorish incompetence precludes him from executing such a strategy. But somewhere, out there in America, is a man or woman with the skill set required to shatter this republic and remake it in his or her own dictatorial image. Somewhere our there, to paraphrase Belloc, is someone waiting ‘…with a large and awful face, on which there is no smile.’