Time to Strike a Match

Well, all the polls have called it. Donald of Orange, he whose Coat of Arms is a Field of Denim, with a Pair of Tiny Hands holding Tweezers crossed over an Opened Zipper, is now on track to become the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

We’ve heard a great deal in these pages over the last few weeks about conventions choosing nominees, not primaries; about holding the line at the mob mentality driving this candidacy – but its time for a reality check: The same party leadership that couldn’t hold the faintest of lines against Barack Obama, is not going to allow that sort of risk to impact their sinecures and revenue stream.

Cruz is done. There is no white knight riding to the rescue here folks, so…what’s required next, is to admit to some hard truths:

1) Conservatism is a niche ideology in this country. I use the term ‘ideology’ deliberately, here, to emphasize this point: Conservatism as an intellectual framework, has been shown by this process to have a tiny number of adherents. Folks who understand constitutionalism, know the difference between Locke and Hume, who have firm intellectual underpinnings for their conservative beliefs, are small in number and less in real world influence.

2) The progressives, stopped clocks though they are, are right this time: There is a staggeringly large number of ‘Republicans’, who are just dressed-up racists and thuggish losers in life’s lottery; somewhere approaching 25% to 40% of the identifiable party vote. All those folks, voting for Trump in all those primaries, are not ‘new’ Republicans. They’re not ‘crossover Democrats’ trying their hand at some crowd-sourced version of Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos. Them is part of us, as digusting and painful a prospect as that is to own.

3) Actual conservatives don’t have a prayer of changing 1) and 2), without a radical and painful realignment of reality. Worthy efforts like the Precinct Project, ‘conservative in the primary, Republican in the general’ to slowly evolve the party back to virtue are dead. Write in votes for Ted or other worthies in the election – well, congratulations. You’re now operating at the same level as the UCal Berkley d-bags who leave the voting booth with a self-satisfied smirk, having just written in Daniel Ortega.

We conservatives need to face reality: We’ve lost the culture wars and the education battle. We’re past the point of winning a debate, because there’s no field of play for reasoned discussion, only for Nanny State Naggings versus Carnival Barking Posturing.

The only way conservatives get dealt back into the game, is for our arguments to be hammered home by new, miserable experience.

And that’s why, for the first time in my life, I am seriously considering pulling the lever for a Democrat. Until progressive policies take us to rock bottom, conservatism is not getting any traction, in the popular culture and at the federal level.

UPDATED: With Cruz having now dropped out, the choice is clear: Trump is the inevitable nominee, and…and… I’m voting for Hillary.

And may God have mercy on my soul, and sustain the United States for what’s inevitably to come before we find our way back to sanity.