Is #NeverTrump Consistent With #Pro-Life?

There are two sub-optimal human beings on the verge of running away with their respective party’s Presidential nominations. One is a unattractive, frumpy looking specimen with a hellaciously bad hairstyle, holding a death-grip on the leashed press with dainty hands, and whose temper tantrums, when challenged in any way, suggest significant mental impairment.

The other is Hillary Clinton.

And yet…one candidate has declared, repeatedly, that he is pro-life. That he will defund some aspects of Planned Parenthood.

The other thinks it’s just peachy to insert surgical steel scissors into a baby’s spinal column and ‘snip, no problem’; if “mom” changes her mind while there’s so much as a toe in the birth canal. Oh, and that the only issue w/ Planned Parenthood funding is that it’s not a mandatory tithe.

Granted, Trump is a charlatan / adulterer / blowhard / serial liar…(fill in the blank). But he’s on the record supporting a pro-life position, which used to not just mean something, but be dispositive at RedState.

You could deviate from “conservative in the primary / Republican in the general” – some mods would get agitated. The ban hammer might be used. But less so over the last three years, and after McConnell’s serial betrayals, its become rarer still.

Not so, with pro-life. Support abortion, immediate ban to this day. And that’s as it should be. If you can’t agree that the protection of innocent life is a predicate to any political conversation in the conservative realm, you don’t belong in that space generally, or on Redstate specifically.

But now, we have a surge of folks – many of them pro-life warriors – adopting the #NeverTrump hashtag as a badge of honor. We have the editor of Redstate flat out stating that if you pull the lever for Donald, ‘maybe you’re not a racist – but you sure seem comfortable with one’.

But you have to ask the next question. You have to ask yourself if that momentary flush of moral superiority is worth giving silent assent to the election of a declared butcher of the innocent. One who will use every tool at her disposal: Executive orders, Justice Department filings, IRS harassment, and Supreme Court picks, to ensure that killing millions of children becomes a defacto part of the Bill of Rights.

There are no guarantees. Trump may attempt to backtrack on his commitment to pro-life. But he will have to answer for it to his own party; and will assuredly not mount the full court press to normalize abortion that Hillary has promised.

It only took the gay rights movement 20 years, from near zero, to get same sex marriage. Imagine what Hillary can do with 8 years of concentrated effort, when 25% of the country already agrees with the extreme death cultists.

And then ask yourself – is #NeverTrump really worth it.