The Night Old Dixie Burned Us Down.

Well, pretty much the worst case scenario is coming at us now.
= Trump, in the space of one week, has flipped off the Pope and embraced Obamacare, and still pulls numbers ensuring that he remains the frontrunner and favorite for the ‘SEC Primary’ in less than two weeks..

= Cruz’ evangelical support – the key to his strategy to the nomination – has collapsed. Trump has apparently won all but three counties on a state tipping 65% evangelical, and the three he did not, were taken by Rubio. That demographic has apparently decided to Watch The World Burn, either believing we’re already in, or wanting to bring about, the End Times.

= Rubio looks to have gained traction by essentially confirming the objections core conservatives raise to his candidacy. He’s reverted to who he is, as per Strieff’s excellent diary, the oily used car salesman who will say or be anything, in the moment, to close the deal.

We can pray for a miracle. But absent that, we’re either going to put forward Trump, that useless blowhard, who will lose YUUUGE to a confused, entitled empty pantsuit; or Rubio, who may well win, but who is guaranteed to “grow” in office, and become the second coming of Bob Dole once the money men get through with him.

So, thanks South Carolina. You kicked off the first attempt to shred the Union in 1861, and it looks like this time, you’re back strong to finish the job.