Obama's unbeatable nominee

If President Obama really want to jam the Republican Party with a potential Supreme Court Nominee, there’s really only one choice for him to make:

Ted Cruz.

Think about the implications

The Court, even more than the Presidency, is probably Ted Cruz’s first best destiny in his own mind. As President, he could have an impact for the next 8 years, maybe a bit longer if he’s succeeded by a Republican. As a member going on the Court, Cruz probably would have another 40 years to materially affect American policy. He’d be sorely tempted, and then need to face two not-great options:

– if Cruz rejected a ‘higher public calling’ in favor of the naked exercise of political power, he’d be sorely damaged among independents. He can’t win without them.
– if Cruz accepted, there’s every possibility the Republican Senate, who hates him virtually to a man, would not confirm him
– if the Senate did not confirm Cruz, there’s every possibility that the grass roots supporters who love Ted, would punish them with reverting it to Democrat control

Further, an acceptance would throw the Republican race into a state of turmoil that virtually guarantees a Trump nomination, and Hilary victory.

Meanwhile, the President would boast of his statesmenlike solution to this mini-political crisis; while quietly making the argument to powerbrokers in his own base that this
– doesn’t shift the balance of power in the Court
– trades one Supreme Court justice pickup for the Presidency and potential Senate control.

Is Obama enough of an evil genius to make this play? Probably not. And thank God for that.