Life During Wartime

With the passing of Justice Scalia, the much-abused trope – “This is the most consequential / important / pivotal election in U.S. History” – just became real.

I’ll leave the accolades for Antonin Scalia’s extraordinarily well lived life, a rarity which gave full expression to his faith; his roles as husband, father, grandfather; and his formidable intellect to others. A life like this deserves to be remembered to us all, by those who knew him best.

What those of us who mourn his passing must realize is that we’ve just been mobilized, whether we like it or not. A second front has just opened up against any notion of limited government, any assertion that we are citizens, not serfs, in this country.

Either we put aside our carping over Rubio versus Cruz, whining about having to settle for very good versus great, or the Conservative restoration project is OVER. Trump has served his purpose. He smashed the Bush attempt at a coronation. He needs to go, and go quickly as per Leon’s prescient journal this morning; and that means we need to get out and push. Dialing, Dollars, knocking on Doors – whatever it takes. Else, the best case alternative is this

Let’s hope that the unfortunate timing of a great man’s passing, is the wakeup call we all heed: GOPc & GOPe, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder, with folks we may not care for much in the cold light of day. Trench warfare is coming; we have no choice.