So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish

I took a break from RedState awhile back, because I felt that folks were savaging each other, instead of engaging in good-natured, crossed swords in argument.

I’ve come back to a community where I’m told to ‘shut up and stay silent’, because I’m of the opinion that the misapplication of ‘turn the other cheek’ , will ultimately surrender our core freedoms.

If disagreeing on the approach we use to fight the opposition takes me outside the mainstream to a ban threat – in the same week where a front page diary that could’ve appeared on The Daily Show appears – then, this isn’t the place for me any longer.

I’ve had a good run here, learned quite a lot, had some great intellectual exchanges, some interesting disagreements.

  • I’ll especially miss streiff, Repair_Man_ Jack, and Moe Lane, for proving that wicked sharp humor and rigorous argument can coexist in the hands of the talented writer.
  •  I thank Leon Wolf for shining a spotlight onto the pervasive mistreatment of African Americans at the hands of far too many police, and for leading me into a more correct view of that issue.
  •  And many thanks to Erick, for leading this jamboree so well for so long.
Best of luck to you all,
PaladinLostHour / signing off.