"Going Rogue" doesn't give one a free pass

We’ve had a great deal of deserved fun with the ethical blindness of the Democratic party.  That makes it incumbent upon us to hold our own to a higher standard.  When our own publicly embrace the higher standard, and fall short, it’s doubly disappointing; to wit:

Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has set up her own public relations firm, according to articles of organization filed with the state Commerce Department.

The single-member limited liability corporation will be known as BSMP LLC and based in Anchorage. Bristol Palin, 19, signed the document as the organizer.

The story helpfully goes on to point out:

Sarah Palin’s political action committee raised $732,868 through June 30, the last available Federal Election Commission report showed.

Now, is AP continuing it’s jihad against the Palins? Check.  Is it commonplace for others in Washington to fund their less resourceful relatives off the public dime?  Check.  Would anyone care if the last name were Smith instead Palin? No. Way.

And yet – this stinks.  19 year old high school dropouts, with -0- relevant experience, don’t open PR firms.  Not unless they expect to have one, guaranteed client.  Which client is then free to funnel money from the Sarah Palin PAC, in completely legal fashion, through this paper entity to create an income stream for her  unemployable offspring.

Anyone donating a dime to Palin, who is conscious of this ethically compromised arrangement, should have their head examined.