A Constitutional Conservative With a Record

This nation is in deep trouble.  We suffer from a trifecta of attacks from each of the three branches of our own government.  We are daily subjected to the leftist attacks on our country and national welfare by a President and his Executive Branch intent on destroying our economy, freedoms, and American exceptionalism in order to reduce our national standing in the world.  President Obama’s desire for wealth re-distribution extends not only within our own country but also strives to pour American money out to the third world at the expense of our own economic interests.  His war on our military power is unmatched as we abandon our traditional allies and embrace the barbarians of ISIS and the radical Islamists.

We are attacked by a Judiciary who, with few exceptions, legislate from the bench and ignore the duty of the judiciary to interpret the law in view of the Constitution; not to make it.  Chief Justice John Roberts signaled the acceptability of this with his convoluted opinion on the epic Obamacare decision.  When members of the Supreme Court and Federal courts become political and dodge their constitutional duty, instead finding fact and constitutional standing to issues where none exist then our fail-safe to safeguard the Constitution against political whim is lost.

Our national interests are ignored and subverted by a Congress which acts in the interest of its members; making decisions on the peoples’ issues of grave importance with only the eye to winning the next election by keeping the cash flowing to their campaign accounts and promising results around each imaginary corner.  All the while, they plan losing procedural votes in order to force floor votes they can vote for in order to appear to be fighting for us.  Because we the people, do not pay attention, they have gotten away with this until they can barely conceal their contempt for our opinions and rights.

All the candidates for the Republican nomination give lip service to these vital interests of the people.  An examination of the candidates’ records however, shows that most are plainly willing to give lip service to these issues while exhibiting a checkered record of taking actions to actually rectify them, particularly when there is risk to their personal careers.  An exception to this is [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].

As the Solicitor General for the State of Texas, Ted Cruz defended Texas and the Constitutional principle of separation of powers before the Supreme Court against the Federal Executive when President Bush (43) attempted to use an executive order to surrender American sovereignty (specifically prohibited by the US Congress in 1969) to the World Court of the United Nations.  Medellin vs. Texas was the case he argued and won before the US Supreme Court.  In defense of the Second Amendment, he argued before the US Court of Appeals (DC Circuit) a companion case to District of Columbia vs. Heller and helped author an amicus brief for District of Columbia vs. Heller heard before the US Supreme Court.  Again he helped prevail when the Court declared the right to bear arms an individual right and not collective, as had so long been contended by liberal media and many politicians of both political parties.  Ted Cruz has argued nine cases before the US Supreme Court and has authored amicus briefs in about seventy cases heard before Federal Circuit Courts or the US Supreme Court, many involving the First Amendment and the Tenth Amendment.

As a United States Senator, Ted Cruz has not wavered in his pursuit of constitutional government.  He has fought his own party repeatedly when the Republican leadership pushed surrender of Constitutional separation of powers and conservative principles to an imperial President who demanded all or nothing in the Obamacare fight and then proceeded to alter the law by executive fiat to suit his goals and prop up his failing venture into collectivism.  He has used his position to defy Senate “decorum and deference” when the “good ol’ boys club” in Senate committees refused to demand answers from Obama nominees who were former Senators.  Now, he is deep in the fight to defund the crimes being committed by the Planned Parenthood cartel in the face of the surrender monkeys in Republican leadership.  If a government shutdown results from this fight, it will not be the fault of Senator Cruz or even the Congress.  People must understand that it is the President’s refusal to sign a funding bill that causes a shutdown. Even then, only 17% of the government deemed nonessential will be affected.  No essential services will be touched, despite the inevitable screams of the liberal media, Democrats, and the Republican leadership.  If we cannot support, indeed demand, that this fight be waged, then we will shame conservatism and our lip service for the right to life, while those of us who are professing Christians alongside Senator Cruz must press this fight as our Christian duty.

And now we see the fruits of Ted Cruz’ work to force Republicans to represent the people who elected them.  As he runs for the Republican nomination for President, Ted Cruz is ignored by the media, marginalized in the debates, and criticized by the Establishment Republicans who fear his fire.  In the face of this, he continues to espouse his message of constitutional conservatism.  He continues to represent the views of the twenty six million Texans he represents.  Despite the media and debate slights, Senator Cruz has taken advantage of whatever openings he can find to put out his message and he scored well in the second debate on several issues.  I urge all conservatives and everyone who is fed up with the McConnell/Boehner tactics of surrender and appeasement to keep an objective eye open to Ted Cruz.  You will like what you see.



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