Clinging To "The Precious": The Loss Of The Obama Presidency

Who could ever have imagined that the classic author, J. R. R. Tolkien, was able to predict the future? Yet, he could have easily had in mind the 2012 election path of Barack Obama.

The story unfolds as an unknown and unstable denizen of a thriving and peaceful land rises out of his insignificance when he comes into contact with a power great enough to control the world and give him his every desire. He relentlessly and underhandedly, with vicious scheming, plots and plans to seize and forever possess: The Ring (or the Presidency of the United States; whichever story line you prefer). With the controlling aid of various evil characters, Sauron, Wright, Flager, Ayres, the Nazgul Riders, and the Democrat Party, the small creature with no ideas of good, begins the political path in his quest for The Ring. His evil controllers and minions smooth his way at every turn until he gains power, first in the state arena and then in the halls of the U.S. Congress. The great evil known as the Democrat Party greases his way as he reaches and grasps at his goal, sheltered at every turn by those who know they control him and seek to use him for their own gain.

Then it happens. The spell cast over the eyes of the ignorant and misinformed blind them to his crooning, comforting words. They do not see that his words, while soothing and – oh so hopeful – are lies and deceptions which pull them unrelentingly to obey his commands and vote for him; thus propelling him into the power of “The Ring” (Congratulations Mr. President, 2008 brings us to an era of change! The United States can now be free of the evils of capitalism).

But only misfortune follows him as the creature suffers plague after plague of disasters that hold the ultimate power just out of his grasp. Never mind the Executive Orders and regulations which frustrate and ignore the intent of the Congress of Elves, still he cannot quite grasp the power. Then the plagues of crashing stock markets, tanking businesses, and jobless subjects come crashing down. Though he desperately reaches, ever exceeding his Constitutional duties and ignoring the Constitutional requirements of checks and balances, he cannot still quite grasp the prize of total power.

Then the unthinkable occurs. Four years of luxury cloaked with unfulfilled rituals of power pass and the small creature realizes he must again try to charm the people of his land with alluring words, impossible promises, and feats of magic. He begins the long road to re-election using the same tired methods of the past campaigns. When those prove ineffective, he is surprised and so resorts to destroying the evil enemy of his people, the monster UBL. His special team of professionals is looked on with favor by a Higher Power and is successful in killing the monster. The creature looks around with great pleasure, claiming the glory for himself and turning on his obedient and faithful soldiers. But still, the people do not rise to his salvation and he becomes ever more desperate to cling to the power. He must hold it in order to finally make it a part of him; to let it consume him so he can reign supreme forever.

But the election campaign begins and he is frustrated over and over by a new enemy which rises up and threatens his hold on “The Ring”. As the campaign winds to a close, the new enemy, a man of integrity and devotion, marshals a rival Army of the Just, continues to gain on his position, threatening forever the base of evil which the creature has labored long to put into place. He lashes out in anger and frustration but his enemy is undeterred. The enemy continues his challenge and the people begin to turn more and more against “The Chosen One”. The creature sees his position inevitably slipping away and he finds himself poised on the lip of the great fiery crater named Electoral Defeat. In just a few days, the valiant forces of right, lead by his enemy, will marshal for his final defeat as he tumbles down, down, down; into ignominy and oblivion.

Now dear readers, the scene is set. All that remains to seal the fate of the warped creature is November 6, 2012. Will you be part of the “Army of the Just” or of “The Great Evil”? It is your vote and it is up to you to cast it, writing forever in the pages of history the day the United States of America was saved.