No Time for Surrender

Well, another debate gone by and once again very little of substance was discussed. While voters want to hear real solutions to problems such as jobs, the soaring deficit, and ways to end Obamacare and get the government off our backs; when they want to hear about entitlement reduction and no more TARP or bailouts, what do we get instead?

We get questions from CCN about wives, moon bases, political ads, and all the other garbage all cleverly formulated to culminate one of the most blistering and relentless attacks on a candidate I have seen in my life. Carpet-bombing is the only term that comes to mind if one reviews the events of yesterday. The attacks on Newt Gingrich were well planned and mounted from every direction; Drudge, Romney surrogates, talk radio, news agencies, and the Republican establishment. The Romneyites even managed to clean up Bob Dole, wipe the drool off his mouth, and carefully coach him into a Newt attack. A day of overwhelming cracks in the dam, too few fingers to plug them with, and then a debate.

Romney was obviously ready and relished his carefully rehearsed lines of attack, prepped to bolster the events of the day from any direction of defense. And, to some extent, it worked. Gingrich appeared somewhat disoriented and off his game in the extreme. Romney showed his true essence however; and came off as the exploitative bully who was secure in the fact that so many others were holding his opponent enabling him to batter him, almost at will, and appear to be so superior. Romney’s facial expressions belied his righteous indignation on the issues presented; they revealed his enjoyment of the conniving, coordinated beating he had administered all through the day. In his eyes, Gingrich had been destroyed and his unchallenged authority as the natural selection of the Republican establishment was secure. All he needed was a cigarette to complete the afterglow.

The question now is this; will conservatives let this die, throw in the towel and surrender Florida and the election to Romney or will they fight on from today through the primary next week? Lines of attack on Romney, much like the attack on Romneycare by Santorum, need to be developed. Concentrated exposure of his liberal Massachusetts record on issues that affect Floridians should be plastered over the airwaves, and as many Gingrich endorsers as possible need to flood the state and bolster their candidate.

This battle is not yet lost, despite the happy, satisfied pronouncements of the Romeyites and the premature moanings of the disappointed Gingrich conservatives. This is our last fight and our last opportunity. We conservatives did not rise to the level needed to defend and support Governor Perry but we took his advice and, after consideration on our own, took up the support for Speaker Gingrich. If we let him sink and do not do everything we can in the next few days to help resuscitate and revive his candidacy, any hope of a full conservative resurgence following the 2010 elections will be smothered. God bless us all and give us the strength to fight.