The Relevance of Sarah Palin

I have never been a big Palin bandwagon fan.  I was glad when McCain chose her as the VP nominee in 2008 because she had the potential to bring interest, attention, and some spice to the very dull and unexiciting RINO choice for President.  I have since, however, been unimpressed with Palin’s behavior and handling of issues.  I am glad she has been able to parley her national fame and attention into a lucrative contract with Fox and has become a media spokesperson because that is what free market capitalism is all about; she has found a niche to fit her talents and her popularity and it has paid off.  I salute her for that.

What is unimpressive however, is that she has pretended to keep her mantle of Tea Party conservatism and purports to still speak for conservatives.  Her behavoir during this election cycle is beyond curious; it is obvious that she is no longer committed to the conservative cause as a leader, if that commitment threatens her paycheck.  I can think of no other reason for her to coyly fail to provide her guidance and support to a real conservative candidate prior to the Iowa caucuses.  This has contributed greatly to the confusion and turmoil the conservative wing of the Republican Party finds itself in today. 

For this reason, conservatives should give her opinions no more authority or importance than any other paid news opinion commentator and conservatives should be aware enough of this to let her go her way without following blindly her now tainted prognostications.  She has abdicated the status of leader and freely chosen to earn a living for the benefit of herself and her family.  She is now a Hannity, Krauthammer, O’Reilly; her opinions serve only as that– opinions; not as direction for her conservative flock.  She lost that mantle some time ago and should be allowed to go peacefully on her way.

As to her statements of support for Speaker Gingrich, she is free to express her opinions and she does have a powerful media pulpit to broadcast them from.  At this point however, conservatives should have no doubts that she, while still one of us, is now influenced by her employer and by her desire to maintain a very substantial income stream.

Governor Perry remains the choice of real Tenth Amendment conservatives and his support should not rise or fall on the statements of news opinion commentators such as Sarah Palin.

Go Gov.!