US officials cozying up to Taliban supporters in Pakistan?

Are American citizens and government officials unknowingly supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan? An  article in the Pakistan press raises some troubling questions:

Imran Khan is a frequent flyer to the US and shortly before his Lahore rally he raised $ 140,000 for PTI at two events in Florida. Now what the PTI USA does is perfectly legitimate and according to the US law as they operate under a US tax identification number and maintain a bank account in the US. But the waters become murky when the US taxpayers’ (in this case predominantly Pakistani-Americans) money is channelised to PTI Pakistan and potentially used for whipping up anti-American hysteria there. Chiding the US Secretary of State, as “Chaachi Clinton” can be conceded as just political theatre. However, it gets trickier when the PTI puts US servicemen and women at risk by blocking the NATO supply lines in Pakistan, which it has done at least twice this year.

If one red US cent goes towards putting a US soldier in harm’s way, that does not reflect well on the US officials who had been cosying up to Imran Khan and had a meeting with him just before the Lahore rally.

Pakistani journalist Amir Mir has called Imran Khan a “Taliban without a beard,” and, in fact, the ex-cricket star has made a habit of referring to Taliban terrorists as freedom fighters engaged in a just war against an occupation. Moving from words to actions, Imran Khan has been trying to organize a blockade of NATO supply lines, essentially cutting off our troops and leaving them at the mercy of terrorists.

If Imran Khan’s political movement is being funded by US citizens, that’s troubling. It’s even more troubling to think that US officials are being cozy with this “Taliban without a beard.” We owe it to our troops to find out.