Aafia Siddiqui and Pakistan's Double Standard of Sovereignty

Aafia Siddiqui was convicted last week of attempting to murder a US service member in Pakistan. In what Michelle Malkin wisely referred to as a “Courtroom Cirque du Jihad,” Siddiqui, who has come to be known as “Lady al Qaeda,” was given a platform to spout the most ridiculous nonsense, even claiming that the verdict, “came from Israel.”

All in all, Aafia Siddiqui got off pretty easy. Consider this, again from Malkin:

Note that while KSM named her as a principal in U.S.-based plots to bomb gas stations and counterterrorism investigators traced her bank account to Saudi terror funders , she was not convicted of terrorism.

She’ll have to go to prison, sure, where she’ll probably spend the rest of her days like her hero Sheikh Omar writing jihadist tracts and serving as a demented figurehead for al Qaeda’s ladies’ auxiliary.

Unfortunately, the reaction back in Pakistan has revealed a terrible double standard for international relations. After moaning and wailing about how the US has been infringing on Pakistan’s sovereignty by offering billions of dollars in aid (never before has a gift horse been so thoroughly dentally examined), the drone attacks that are taking out the very jihadi terrorists that are bombing them almost daily, and alleged meddling in Pakistan’s internal affairs by everyone from our Ambassador, Anne Patterson, to our service members who are their to help train their military – after all this, you would think that Pakistan would be (A) glad to have another jihadi out of their country and (B) respectful of our own sovereignty.

Apparently not.

Instead of a simple ‘thank you,’ there are cries going up in all the major papers calling for the government to condemn the trial, and even some saying that Siddiqui should be freed from prison and sent back to Pakistan!

This is not just ridiculous, this sort of double standard suggests that there are still elements in Pakistan’s media and political circles that aren’t serious about working with us to defeat al Qaeda and the Taliban, even though these same jihadi terrorists are killing their own people almost every day. Our government clearly bent over backwards, giving this woman a civilian trial complete with a lawyer, the right to dismiss jurors, and the chance to defend herself. Instead of presenting anything close to a coherent case for why she shouldn’t be found guilty (something dimwitted purse snatchers are able to manage every day), the First Lady of al Qaeda chose instead to scream tired anti-Israeli rants and threaten to kill more people. And they want her back?!?

Aafia Siddiqui is going to be spending the rest of her life behind bars after committing cold-blooded murder in the name of jihad. She got off a lot easier than the victims of her jihadi terrorism. Considering the thousands of people killed by these terrorists, you’d think Pakistan would be grateful that we probably just saved the lives of a bunch of their citizens.