Did Nawaz Sharif approve Kargil attacks?

Back in 2006, then Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif told the world that he did not know about plans to attack Indian forces in Kargil. In fact, Sharif accused Musharraf of derailing potential peace accords between Pakistan and India.

Through the Kargil operation Musharraf, the then Chief of the Army Staff, had “sabotaged” the understanding reached by him with Vajpayee at Lahore to resolve all Indo-Pak problems including Kashmir, Sharif said.

But new evidence has appeared that suggests Sharif not only knew about the plans, but gave tacit approval for the attacks in Kargil. The evidence comes from PAF Air Commodore (retd) Kaiser Tufail in a recent issue of ‘Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review’ magazine.

Now based in Lahore, Tufail says the entire operation was planned by Musharraf but had the tacit approval of then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who, after a presentation, said “‘General sahib, Bismillah karein’… not withstanding the denials we hear from him every new moon.””

Nawaz Shari has shown himself to be two-faced in the past with his embrace Islamic radicalism. As Nawaz Sharif announces that he plans to run in Pakistani by-elections, it is important that we get to the bottom of this latest Sharif scandal.