Taliban flog young girl in Pakistan

Full article here.

The tragic video of a young girl being savagely beaten by the Taliban has engaged Pakistan in a vivid and urgent manner.

Various accommodations and peace agreements have been signed with militant and extremist organizations in various part of the country. Is this what those agreements will bring? A breakdown of law and order, with people being beaten in the streets by religious zealots?

The civility of the nation is at risk here, as the articles states clearly “What they have failed to understand is that the brutality shown in the video has swung public opinion. People are aghast.”

‘They’ in the quotation refers to the militant political parties and other right-wing groups.

It should be the hope of all who value a peaceful society that this incident will continue to galvanize political will to address this issue of the Talibanization of Pakistan, and how it can be countered.