Obama attacking Christendom

It is not the first attack on Christians in this country, and I am sure it will not be the last.  As a Catholic, I have heard for the past two weekends pastoral letters from my Bishop stating unequivocally “we cannot comply, we will not comply.”

Some here have criticized the Church for not doing more – http://www.redstate.com/csbadeaux/2012/02/04/excommunicate-the-bishops/

At times in my life where my faith was most challenged, I never had any doubt that killing the unborn was wrong.  And one thing that always made me admire the Church is it has unquestionably been the strongest advocate for the unborn.  Have some of her members and leaders been less than sufficiently vocal at times?  Perhaps.  But there has never been any doubt about what the Church teaches, where she stands, or her solidarity with the unborn.

And now that Obama is attacking, frankly, all Christendom, the bulk of conversation on this site regarding the matter seems to focus on how shall we blame our Christian leaders.  It is beyond absurd.  For those who can see it, one of the largest swing groups in American politics could be mobilized against Obama like never before.  But instead, some wish to take the opportunity, on this blog – which is here to promote conservatism, to spend this moment on yet another circular firing squad, cutting on those doing the most to advance the cause of the unborn – just not enough.

Give me a break.  Wake up.  Obama is violating the 1st Amendment.  The cost of religious freedom, as the Founders knew, was incalculable for social cohesion and the stability of the Republic.

What also of the other costs we could be talking about?  About the fact Catholic schools alone are being asked to cooperate with evil or shut down?  They will shut down.  At a cost to the taxpayers of $18 billion a year.  Catholic hospitals, again, will shut down.  At a cost of tens of billions a year to taxpayers.  Catholic Charities, again, will be forced to shut down.  I would not even know where to begin to calculate the costs.  These monies will be reappropriated via Obamacare fines to the government.  Similarly, other Christian and religious denominations will be forced to make the same choice.  To face the same moment of truth.

This is, to me, the worst thing this administration has yet done.  Peggy Noonan, who to my mind is remarkably insightful, writes that this will cost Obama his presidency – if we stand together.  So, as conservatives, we must not let the discussion degenerate into who is to blame who for not having done more in the past, but rather must focus on the need to fight now.