Obama administration puts abortuaries before sex trafficking victims and destroys nurses' jobs

Two articles I saw today I thought highlighted the incredibly pro-abortion stance this administration has taken.  One was an act by an Obama appointee at HHS to deny a $16 million dollar grant to the Catholic Church because the Church refuses to refer sex trafficking victims for abortions.  This was done despite an independent review rating the Church’s provision of services as the best among potential grant recipients for the hundred of victims it has helped.  See http://www.catholicvote.org/discuss/index.php?p=22421 for the story.

The other was an article talking about nurses’ jobs which are on the chopping block because they are being forced by some pro-abortion boss to either perform an abortion or lose their job.  They don’t work in an abortuary, they work in a hospital.  In hospitals, nurses and even doctors can get floated between units, so nobody is really safe.  With Obamacare, staff shortages have become worse, increasing the necessity of such “floats” often.  Nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. are all at risk of losing their jobs now as Obama by executive order has stripped them of their legal protections.  See http://www.lifenews.com/2011/11/01/hospital-told-nurses-assist-abortions-or-lose-your-job/ for the story.

I guess they are not content with destroying the jobs they have already destroyed with their poor management of the economy.  Their ideological commitment to abortion trumps any lip service they proffer for Americans’ job security, Americans’ religious liberty, America’s commitment to helping sex trafficking victims, having quality nurses and doctors in hospitals.

On a personal note, this directly affects my family.  As my wife is a nurse (though not one of the nurses in this story) the legal protections in place during the Bush years have been stripped away by Obama and his ilk. This damages everything we stand for, not to mention potentially the financial security of our family.  And, as she is a great nurse, it deprives the community of a quality health care professional.

Election day is 53 weeks away.  371 days and counting.