Time to trim the budget - 7 ideas.

1. Stop all government funding of Planned Parenthood. It makes no sense for conservatives to allow funding of an organization who uses the fungible public funds to pay for abortions and sex ed programs far above their marginal costs. Stop their leaching off the public fisc should save $3.5 billion over 10 years. See http://www.stopp.org/pdfs/forms/STOPP_petition.pdf

2. Use the VA model for cutting government costs. Governor Bob McDonnell effectively cut costs in his first year in office, turning an enormous budget shortfall into a surplus. One of the methods by which government costs were trimmed were by incentivizing public employees in positions of leadership to trim their budgets. By tying bonuses and future years’ department budgets to effective budget cuts, the orientation of such leaders was changed from attempting to spend as much money as possible so their budgets would not decrease in the following year, to an actual hard look at how to trim costs. No political leader, no matter how smart, can possibly get down in the weeds enough to know where all the hidden dollars and waste go. By changing the playing field though, McDonnell achieved effective cost cutting.

3. Cap our imports of foreign oil, develop domestic resources. This should involve offshore drilling, coal mining, natural gas, and more domestic oil exploration, including ANWR.

4. Deal with China. Is there anyone reading this who does not see almost everything they look at here in the United States have a “Made in China” or “Hecho en China” note on it? There’s a reason their country is experiencing about 15% growth with over a billion people while ours is struggling along. We are literally giving them our jobs and money. And these are things we could be and historically have produced ourselves. With the right tax incentives for domestic production and job creation (which countries like China and India already have in place), we can retain and recapture some of our manufacturing base.

5. Move beyond symbolic stuff. Reading the Constitution and cutting Capitol Hill discretionary spending budgets are a good step symbolically, and symbols do matter. But its time to move beyond that.

6. Defund Obamacare, Porkulus, and other spending abominations of the Pelosi congress. We control spending now, and everything is negotiable. Period. Democrats may not like it, but there is our means and our leverage for getting things done.

7. Follow GAO report recommendations for spending cuts and identification of wasteful and extraneous programs. We have a lot of smart people studying this stuff in detail, but somehow it fails to make its way from the objective 3rd party detailed reports into legislative action.