Conservative women - the rising constituency

Sneeringly, Chris Coons repeatedly made a donkey’s behind of himself in the Delaware Senate debate. Even some pundits afterwards marveled that Christine O’Donnell didn’t know about the separation of church and state because she, (correctly), stated that those words do not appear in the Constitution. Coons condescendingly (and erroneously) lectured that the establishment clause is where it is to be found. In pertinent part, the 1st Amendment states that “the government shall respect no establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” Great legal minds differ as to what that means. On the left, they seem to believe, as the French do, that it means there must be an iron wall between government and religion. On the right, and more true to the Founders’ intent, most believe that it means the government cannot promote one establishment of religion over another, nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.

My roundabout point though is that repeatedly we see new GOP female all stars like Palin and O’Donnell being incorrectly decried as ignorant or stupid. We see similar, “she’s stupid” type attacks against female conservatives across the country in Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, South Dakota, etc. SNL seems compulsively driven to attack intelligent and conservative women. They do it in a way that is not just for fun, but to assassinate their character and persona. So why is the left hell bent on such portrayals? Why do they convince themselves that a Governor who ran a 0% tax rate state effectively, or a Senate candidate whose every answer was more thoughtful than her marxist opponent, is stupid? Its because conservative, intelligent women make liberals feel threatened.

Conservative women are becoming increasingly involved. First it was Palin. Now is the new wave of “Mama Grizzlies.” But this country is about to see a wave of women elected into office, many of whom will be very successful. After that, the Pandora’s Box is open, and there will be no stopping conservative women. They will become increasingly involved in the political process. The stay at home mother who keeps apprised of issues will see she too has a place in the civic discourse in a way that has been less common than the past. New heroes and leaders will emerge, faster than a liberal media can play whack-a-mole. Feminism is being redefined.

Whereas the left has wanted to use the euphemism of “women’s issues” (meaning pro-choice) to claim an edge with female voters, the majority of American women are now Pro-Life. And nobody is more threatened by this development than liberal feminists. They feel an instinctive need to justify their own decisions and worldview by belittling conservative women. To them, its your either with us and enlightened, or you’re a stupid and unsavvy boob. But this great lie of liberalism is failing. Young girls today will see that intelligent and successful women are often Pro-Life and conservative, admired leaders of their party.

The liberal ad hominem attacks and politics of personal destruction is failing. You can see it in the monies raised by Christine O’ Donnell, Sarah Palin, Kristi Noem, Sharon Angle, and others. These women are setting shattering fundraising expectations and sometimes even records because what they stand for is striking a chord. Its overdue, but its time has come. This new rising constituency of conservative women is coming alive in a way different than the past. Its a new, lasting bastion of strength with its own untapped genius will strengthen conservativism for years to come. And its still growing.