McMahon needs to refocus, quickly, on job and economy

She is currently running ads recycling Blumenthal’s lies about military service. This is not good strategy.

In a blue state, Dems and independents are willing to overlook that to a large degree. There is not a huge veteran vote in CT. She did not serve at all, so its not as thought veterans are going to just go for because Blumenthal exaggerated/lied.

More importantly, such attacks can be run by surrogates. When you surrender the high ground, you lose ground. Did Brown attack Coakley at stupid? No. Did McDonnell attack Deeds on his various gaffes? No. But the info still got out there. And those Republicans won their races after being deemed to run a positive campaign. Christie got out there and talked about taxes and cost of living, which resonated along the same chords.

She can do this in several ways. She should run ads talking about her job creation experience as an executive and how that will help her as a Senator craft/support legislation that will help CT employers increase their payrolls. She can contrast that with Blumenthal’s legalistic experience as Attorney General, noting even generously that he may be a fine attorney, but he has no idea how to create jobs. She needs to hammer this contrast every day from now until November 2nd. When people in CT here McMahon’s name by Nov. 2nd, they should be thinking, “oh yeah, that savvy lady who’s going to help lower unemployment in CT and make things better here.” When they hear Blumenthal’s name, they should think “yeah, I may agree with him on some issues, and he may even be in my party, but he’s not the same kind of serious candidate when it comes to job creation as McMahon.”

Your average voter watching the debate probably thought McMahon’s debate answer is good, but guess what? The average voter in CT does not get what creates jobs any better than Blumenthal. Where is her job creation plan? What is she going to do to lower unemployment versus what Blumenthal will do to hurt unemployment numbers? That’s got to be the focus. Or she will lose a winnable race.

No more attack ads that are not directly tied to the economy.