A few questions I'd like answered about liberal hypocrisy on McChrystal and the war

When the left felt Rumsfeld, a civilian, was too involved in running the war, they attacked Bush.  But the top U.S. Commander says the same, and they go up in arms.  When Chinseki criticized the President’s handling of the war, the left praised him as an American hero.  But from McChrystal they call it treason and insubordination.  At least Bush listened to the commanders on the ground.  At least Bush would not have waited months and months and months to make a decision as to strategy during war while he pursued a radical domestic agenda.  At least Bush seemed to actually care about the troops.  At least Bush did not lie about when the troops would be coming home.

Where are the anti-war protestors now?  Why does CNN and MSNBC and other networks no longer give the same level of prominence to bad news and soldier deaths from the war as when Bush was President?  Where is the criticism of Obama’s administration for flying in the bodies of our fallen soldiers in the middle of the night to avoid press coverage?  Where are the protests now that Obama has missed his many various deadlines for troop withdrawal?  Where is the scrutiny of Obama’s decisions in the public sphere regarding his mishandling of this war, effectively snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory?  Why does Obama get a pass on his utterly incompetent take on the surge, and his continued incompetence in leading our country once he was asked to make the big decisions?  How long does this double standard continue?  Doesn’t anyone on the left look at these same issues they were up in arms about and have the guts to call out the President?  Is one man really worth sacrificing passion on these important issues just to protect a political party?

We can argue about whether McChrystal should have made the comments he made.  That is not the point.  The point is Obama believed he was the best one – the best military mind to lead our troops and our country to victory.  The stakes are American lives, the lives of our allies, our international standing, and ultimately our national security and way of life.  But he sacrificed that by firing McChrystal.  And for what?  For pride?  To send a message that you cannot criticize him and get away with it?  What century and what country does he think this is?  How will Obama explain this to the parents, to the spouse, to the children, of the soldiers who die as a result of his decision to let McChrystal go?  He had one purpose in bringing McChrystal in, and that was to get rid of him.

And you know what?  McChrystal is right. The administration deserves to be criticized.  As one of the few people who could possibly jump start that conversation, that public conversation the MSM and Obama administration have been complicit in avoiding, he did what he had to do.  One thing is very clear.  McChrystal did not slip.  This was not something that accidentally came out after a few drinks.  This is not a political debutante.  A general in his position does not get to where he is without political savvy.  He said what he did to call this to America’s attention.

This administration is disinterested in ultimate victory.  They have never been about that.  The truth is the left, and especially the so-called progressives, in this country have always been more interested in manipulating and exploiting public opinion on this war then in properly managing it.  If this incident and the current reactions from the left do not demonstrate that, then I do not know what will.

What exactly was so outrageous that McChrystal said?  That Obama was unprepared and disengaged from the word go?  No surprise there.  He always is on any major issue bereft of the needed leadership in just such a way (stimulus bill, health care bill, oil spill, months to make a decision on the war strategy, allowing his Congress to say they cannot even pass a budget even though they control both houses).  That an aide made fun of Biden’s name in a play on words?  That the failure of Obama to forge necessary alliances was alluded to?  That Obama’s political appointee was criticized for caring more about his political career and political dogmas than the troops and American success?

It is so emotionally draining to witness the incompetence and liberal bull of this administration and their roughshod tactics and their incompetence day after day.  In every significant way, the Obama administration has been a complete failure and has weakened the country.  We MUST take this country back in 2010 and 2012.