Drill, stupid, drill

Obama’s and co.’s handling of the gulf oil spill crisis has been the worst example of crisis management and incompetence in environmental history.  Before he could even be bothered to visit the Gulf Coast, our tepid president took not one, but two vacations, went campaigning for a left wing senator in danger of losing her seat six months from now, conducted hearings to produce a political theater so he could ride his political hobby horse.  Obama’s “apology” over the matter is yet again an exercise in pointing fingers at everyone but himself.

This time, though, his efforts at excuses are aimed at justifying yet another terrible national policy.  Against reason, against polls of where the American people stand, against job creation, against sound fiscal policy, and against our national security interests, Obama believes the answer to this problem is stopping American offshore drilling.  In typical Obama fashion, he seeks to blame the minority party which controls no branch of the federal government whatsoever for the disaster.  He blames Cheney (must be the tenuous Haliburton – oil – oil spill free association of White House spin doctors).  He blames our shortsightedness for drilling at all, at which point he crosses the line from incoherent babbling to actually exacerbating the disaster for the American people.  He wants to blame Sarah Palin and those who had the refrain of “Drill, baby, drill” which he apparently considers more flippant than “Plug the damn hole.”  (Side note, between his use of sexual slurs such as “teabagger” and foul language such as “damn” he gives parents every good reason to keep their children from listening to his unpredictably foul mouth).

Now, an oil spill is an accident.  Such things are both going to happen and are the eventual occurrence of a spill is foreseeable.  Having a plan to deal with such eventualities is the responsibility of the administration.  In fact, a top burn strategy that would have saved 95% of the oil and ended the crisis months ago could have been developed and utilized.

A President is supposed to respond and display leadership during a national crisis, whereas Obama seems to consistently reflect the instinct to sit on the sidelines and wait for the test polls to help him craft a position before coming out of his usual state of paralytic blithering and non-action.  And apologies that accept no responsibility are not apologies.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him take responsibility for anything.  He always points the finger somewhere else.

His apology should have gone something like this – “I’m sorry for not taking this oil spill seriously when it first occurred.  I’m sorry my administration took a do nothing approach.  I’m sorry my administration did not take the steps to be prepared for such an occurrence.  I’m sorry I decided to ignore this disaster and not focus my efforts on resolving the incident before it developed into a tragedy.  I’m sorry I took multiple vacations and focused on partisan political campaigning before I could be bothered to even visit the Gulf Coast.  My administration has projected incompetence and indifference in the worst environmental disaster in American history.  I’m sorry for trying to blame everyone else.  I’m sorry for the fake apologies.  And I’m sorry that I even thought of using this tragedy to justify a misguided domestic policy which would make us more dependent on foreign oil, destroy American jobs and the American economy, increase prices at the pump for every American, and undermine American markets while doing nothing to protect the global environment.”

I’ve got other apologies he should issue on other topics as well, but that ought to cover his incompetence on this oil spill.  Bottom line is though:

  1. If we don’t drill offshore, other countries still will, and we will have no control over the regulatory process.
  2. We still will have the same market demand for oil with a lower supply so gas prices go up.
  3. Since prices go up, our market is damaged and American businesses, and therefore American employment, suffers across the board.
  4. Those Americans who could be employed actually working in the offshore drilling business would lose their jobs as he engages in outsourcing their work to other countries even more likely to have further spills.  He wants to destroy (another) entire American industry he has deemed evil.
  5. The foreign nations we will be forced to be more dependent on for oil have policies that directly undermine our national interest and national security.  This breaks another campaign pledge for energy independence.  (Whatever happened to those 5,000,000 jobs he promised in solar, wind and tide that were going to lead to our energy independence anyways?)
  6. We will be propping up those foreign powers adverse to America with American money even as we drive a deeper hole into debt.
  7. Obama and his crack team are showing themselves entirely incapable of problem solving.  They should be dedicating themselves to coming up with a plan to rectify this problem and handling future ones, should they occur.
  8. Why are they at least not taking the opportunity to open up the possibility of nuclear plant development – a safe, efficient, and cost-effective energy source used in Europe (apparently he only wants European style socialism, high public debt, and high public unemployment).
  9. Or how about developing our coal production and natural gas industries (which the Vice President, even on the campaign trail, demonized as yet another evil American industry).
  10. America does not own the Gulf of Mexico.  There is oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  Oil is valuable.  Other countries want valuable commodities.  If we don’t drill, they will.

I’ve long been tired of Obama’s incompetence and his systematic destruction of our economy, fiscal stability, national security, cost of living for average Americans, coercive policies, hyper-partisanship, dishonesty, and refusal to accept responsibility.  His instincts are taking him and his administration in precisely the wrong direction, again. Always the wrong conclusions and short-sightedness.

Drill, stupid, drill.