Obama is the new McGovern

According to ABC News, President Obama uses the term “teabagger” to refer to his political opponents.  See http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/05/06/gibbs_evades_question_about_obamas_use_of_teabagger.html

This is outrageous.  Its one thing when an off the wall idiot like Olbermann or Matthews uses a sexual slur on a third rate news channel.  Its one thing when those in the liberal blogosphere who seem to have no decency in the language they use on a regular basis use the term.  But when the President of the United States of America uses it, and in a book no less that would have likely been vetted through senior political advisors, it is beyond both comprehension and forgiveness.

Obama promised to be a uniter, to create a post-partisan, post-racial society of bipartisanship.  Instead, we’ve seen him demean those who are religious as ignorant people clinging to religion, political protestors are branded with demeaning sexual slurs, and a cop who is accused of racial discrimination is automatically and publicly pronounced by the admittedly uninformed President to obviously be the one in the wrong. Obama seeks to use race to divide us, and he uses crude slurs to demean political protesters.  He may not be as reprehensible as McGovern was, but his propensity to prey upon racial divisions puts him in the same category.  His is an uncivil discourse.

I will not forget this, and I will not let those whom I engage in conversations about his disingenuous nature forget it either.