Rob Merkle for 4th District of CT

One of the prime targets for the GOP this year should be the 4th District of Connecticut.  After many long years Chris Shays was defeated by Rep. Himes by a narrow 2 point margin.  Himes’ voting record does not reflect the conservative views of this District, and as the Democratic tide recedes, this District should be among the first to come back above the water line. 

Merkle is a businessman, a former Notre Dame football player, and most importantly – an across the board solid conservative.  He is also to my mind the most likely candidate to unseat Himes.  Merkle is unapologetically Pro-Life, describing himself as “Pro-Life, across the board.”  He is a strong fiscal conservative as well. Some other quotes of his that caught my eye include:

  • “We need to return to a constitutionally limited Federal Government, reduce spending and taxes, and create private sector jobs for American workers, not perpetuate governmental dependency.”


  • “The people of Connecticut and the 4th District are proud Americans, and they believe in the principles our country was founded on: Limited Government, Individual Liberty, including the Rights to own property and bear arms, Strong National Defense and Strong Family Values.”


  • In talking about his experience as a businessman, “I put people to work.  I know how hard the employment picture is and how difficult it is for small businesses out there.”


You can check out his website – here.

Or, make a donation – here.