Win the Latino vote

The GOP should by all rights be winning the Latino vote in a landslide.  Our party’s platforms that are more family friendly, small business friendly and economic policies that lead to better opportunities outshine the Democrats.  But in recent years this important and rising demographic has been sliding away from our party.  The Democrats think they own any demographic that is not white, and they play their racial politics without remorse.  I do not believe we should mirror their nefarious methods, but I think we do need to do more or pay the price down the road.  In 2010, there are three things that we could be doing:

1.  Broadening our outreach efforts into the Hispanic community to sign up new Republicans and appeal to commonsense conservative principles.

2.  Magnify our efforts to recruit exceptional candidates from the Hispanic community, perhaps have some of our leading Hispanic Republicans headline the efforts.

3.  Point out the failure of the Democrats to deliver positive results that have hurt Hispanic communities in America, as well as the damaging trade policies to Latin and South American nations.