Book collaboration idea

I read an article the other day which revived my interest in an idea I had a few months ago, where the article noted a rise in conservative blogs and books since this administration took power. 

My idea was to see if there are other conservative bloggers who might be interested here in joining our time and talents to co-author a conservative book detailing the failings of this administration and this Congress with each chapter focused on a different topic (i.e. fiscal responsibility, ethics and corruption, transparency, health care, abortion, foreign policy, etc).  My thought was if people could volunteer to lead the authorship on one or more chapters, or contribute to one or more chapters, they could, by searching the tags that match the topic on this site alone draw a great deal of information.  With the permission of the authors who posted the original material, it could be reorganized into perhaps a powerful persuasive piece. 

This may be one way by which we can take our hard work detailing the day to day matters showing where this country is headed and put it into a form in which more people will read it, hopefully be persuaded, and help build the GOP brand versus the Dem brand in this country.

If you think you might be interested, please just post a comment noting your interest.  If there is enough interest, then we can push forward with the project.