Press finally calls Obama out on attempts to control press

[Pigs fly: Someone on RedState says “Well done, Helen Thomas.” – Moe Lane]

h/t Drudge, Breitbart: http://www.breitbart.tv/white-house-reporters-grill-gibbs-over-selected-questions-for-obama/

See the attached video with CBS news and Helen Thomas taking Robert Gibbs to the woodshed on Obama and co.’s attempts to control the press. Thomas called this a pattern of planting questions as both denounced the process. Gibbs’ reaction was to belittle and ridicule the rep from CBS and Thomas both, which produced some interesting reactions from the surrounding press corps members. Hmm, maybe the usual m.o. of ridiculing those who criticize you and expecting that to end the issue for the press doesn’t work here Mr. Gibbs.

Much has been made of the “honeymoon” or “lovefest” between Obama and the press. This seems to be the part where the press’s eyes are finally opening a bit to who they got into bed with. Underneath their liberal instincts, the MSM is still on some level fiercely protective of their trust to protect the integrity and freedom of the press. Obama and co effectively here cheated on them and then blamed the victim. And belittling Helen Thomas, a veritable icon for what a White House press corps member would aspire to be is akin to the Obama and co. love team striking the beloved grandmother of the profession.

Perhaps the Obama team thinks other matters are more important now than their relationship with the press and that the press’s goodwill at this time doesn’t matter. Perhaps they think everything they read on Kos and agree amongst themselves and their supermajority is beyond question. They have become infatuated with their perceived mandate and believe they are not accountable to the press. Maybe, just maybe they are about to find out they are wrong.