How the Dems have most pissed me off so far

Okay, not a very innovate title for a post, but sometimes going into detail on every single abysmal failure and bad judgment is not enough, (although it is necessary to do that as well).  But sometimes, taking stock and stepping back a pace or two to see the whole landscape of messes Obama and the Democrats have created is important.  With that, here’s a very short list (due to time constraints) of what the Dems have done to most piss me off, in no particular order: 

1.  By moving to abolish conscience clause protection for nurses (along with doctors and pharmacists) for those who do not wish to have to choose between their job and participating in an abortion they deem to be murder, the Obama administration has coerced people into killing fellow citizens.  And, more directly for my family, it has given my wife, who is a nurse, pause about whether she works in a hospital again or not.  At the very least she now has to be more careful about who to work with and for since the law does not protect her.

2.  In a short 5 months, Obama has managed to quadruple the highest record deficit to a staggering and utterly unsustainable 1,800,000,000,000.00 per year.  That means they spend about as much in a minute as I’ll earn in my career.  They are utterly pillaging, and there is no other word for it, pillaging our Republic.  My children and grandchildren will be paying for it.

3.  People seem to forget the average unemployment rate was barely over half during the Bush years as it has been for Obama.  And, more importantly, the economy had a stock market soaring about 70% higher when the GOP controlled Congress.  It was only after a short 16 months of Democratic rule that the downfall began, after 12 years of comparatively more responsible budget handling by the GOP.  The GOP was not perfect, but by God, we should not be apologizing as if we are on the same level of culpability as the Democrats.

4.  Obama’s foreign policy has been a complete disaster.  There is nothing to show he has improved America’s relationships.  He bows to Saudi Kings, snubs our greatest ally in Israel while selling them out in his two state solution to pacify the violence of the terrorists in a way that would make Neville Chamerlain seem like a hawk.  He has extended lifelines to Cuba and Iran at precisely the wrong times.  He has screwed up by supporting Chavez, not taking on North Korea, and acting befuddled with equivocating, relativistic statements on the Russia-Georgia dispute. 

5.  The Obama auto policy is a disaster.  Now the government is firing private sector CEOs, leveraging taxes against successful businesses to prop up failed ones, dragging down the entire economy. 

6.  The promised 5 million private sector jobs has not only not come to pass, he has lost jobs at a higher rate than any other President in history, barring none, not even Hoover.  This, despite massive stimulus spending which was the real “no special interest left behind” bill that left families with a peasly $400/yr tax cut.  Then even that they screwed up because if you have a double income family, you wind up having to pay an extra $400 come tax time. 

7.  The constant double speak and backtracking drives me crazy.  Case in point – “we’ll create 5 million new jobs” then it was “we will create 3-5 million new jobs” then it was “we’ll create or save 3-5 million new jobs” and recently it was that the stimulus “could” create as many as “600,000 jobs.”  Most of those, by the way, are temporary jobs for building projects and not part of any sustainable infrastructure.

8.  Obama has opened up no new markets.   While America has and will continue to bleed out from its manufacturing sector due to the impossibility of competing with the pennies on the dollar comparative labor advantage of developing third world nations, most people don’t realize how much Bush helped our economy by leveraging our position as the world’s largest market to open up foreign markets for our goods.  Obama, by steep contrast, has failed to do so and has even angered our trade partners with his repeated unwise comments.

9.  Obama has been a complete disaster on energy.  The Democratic Congress and Obama care more for the environmentalist lobby than our energy interests.  We have no new drilling.  They have halted offshore drilling.  There is no new wind, solar, or other alternative energy as promised.  There is no talk on the horizon of investing in such energies.  Rather, he one day states we’re out of money and must stop spending and the next talks about another unsustainable huge entitlement program in health care.  Speaking of which, that will also result in more American deaths as the government will inevitably start managing what health care people will or will not be rationed.

10.  The Democrats and Obama, probably even if you put them all together for a month, do not know everything they have spent money on.  They are now floating all sorts of new tax ideas for everything from a national sales tax to a internet tax to a cell phone tax on government cell phone use.  They are out of control and this administration is full of eggheads who do not seem to have a clue about how the actions they are taking adversely affect people on a day to day basis.