Other analysis on party trust polls by issue

Rasmussen’s recently released poll on top issues to voters, http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/mood_of_america/trust_on_issues/trust_on_issues, reveals some interesting shifts. 

One of the most profound shifts was in which party is more trusted on the issue of abortion.  Obama’s recent actions between embryonic stem cell federal funding (for which the Catholic hierarchy is taking him to task), denying conscientious objecting medical professionals the right to not participate in an abortion, and spending federal funds during a crisis to fund overseas abortions are all taking a toll.  But we can further push this issue to the fore as he is currently taking probably the most ridiculous pro-choice measures he will take in his whole term.

Two, the Democrats are fading on Social Security and taxes.  We are now tied on the issue.  Let’s call on Obama to come up with a plan to address the rising spiraling costs of Social Security and Medicare.  Force him to the third rail.  Now is a great time to highlight it.  Three, the Dems continue to hold big leads on education and health care.  But health care was an issue on which their party was deeply divided during the primary season.