"Its the economy, stupid"

Its no secret that President Obama relies on his teleprompter to guide him through his speeches and stay on message.  When he’s been without it, he’s let his real opinions slip through to his political detriment.  This week, he’s been reading off the teleprompter while exhibiting anger at AIG executives.  If ever there was an occasion to put aside the teleprompter, it should be an occasion where you are purporting to speak from the heart. 

But there is a stronger reason to doubt his authenticity and genuineness in the display of anger at AIG.  Its the overwhelming evidence of apathy and/or incompetence that led him and his team to give a third bailout of 30,000,000,000.00 to AIG just two weeks ago.  For those doing the math at home, that’s about 60-65 times the amount he recently decided to cut from funding medical care for our veterans.  Surely a sum of this magnitude, of this purported necessity, and in the context of the other deprioritized programs such as veterans’ medical care would require close attention, no? 

The issue of bonuses for execs was one he promised on the campaign trail to disallow.  Its been in the news that AIG and banks receiving monies were still giving bonuses and special compensation packages to execs and throwing extravagant parties, so why the surprise?  They are either liars for having promised to address the matter and then ignoring it, or they are liars for not knowing how to structure a piece of legislation for the supplicant lending institutions who had ZERO bargaining power to leverage bonuses for their execs.

The bottom line is that this feigned anger at exec bonuses is nothing more than a transparent attempt to hide the truth that Obama et al screwed up.  Maybe they should spend less time worrying about pushing pet liberal spending projects, seeking to demonize conservative journalists/media, and strawmanninng the Congressional Republicans as not having ideas when they put forth a comprehensive alternative stimulus bill the Democrats promptly ignored.   Maybe their focus should be on the economic crisis that chicken-little-in-chief has been so fond of saying could degenerate into a Depression (which I’m sure has done wonders for consumer confidence since he started that routine in August). 

Get focused Mr. President.  In the words of Democratic strategist James Carville, “its the economy, stupid.”