Checkmate, Ukraine

As Russia expands to build air bases in both Cuba and Venezuela, Obama’s foreign policy ineptitude begins to show just how very different from JFK he really is.  The Monroe Doctrine, which is about 188 years old, has been a longstanding pillar of American foreign policy that disallows any major European power, including Russia, from building up military power in our hemisphere.  It has led to one of the longest periods of stability and peace on our soil from any hostile European power for centuries.  Now, Obama and his team of idiot savants are letting the Russians waltz in and take it. 

Less than a month ago, Obama and his incompetent foreign policy team offered to step down our missile defense program for reasons best known to themselves in exchange for certain concessions from Russia.  Russia rejected the request, but now that we have signalled that we no longer feel the missile defense shield is necessary for our defense, they can pressure us to get rid of it through other means.  And, our allies in NATO are left wondering where that leaves them.

After Georgia was gutted by Russia less than 6 months ago, Obama had a weak and uncertain response, equivocating as to whether it was Russia or Georgia to blame.  After 3 days (and reflection upon public opinion polls and media analysis) Obama in typical fashion assured us that it was always clear he condemned Russia’s action, even though he did nothing of the sort until well after McCain.  Obama had wanted to get the UN Security Council to condemn Russia’s action, apparently ignorant of the fact that would be impossible as Russia has the right at the UN to veto any proposed condemnation of its own actions.  That could never happen. 

Obama has signalled he is slow to action, uncertain as to what acts deserve condemnation, susceptible to pressure, inept at negotiating and protecting our foreign policy interests, and does not understand the basics about international pressure.  Russia knows this.

Now Russia has taken the next logical step.  They consolidated their hold and influence in Georgia.  They have teamed with socialists and communists in our hemisphere in order to limit our ability to respond in their part of the world.  What now will stop them from overrunning the Ukraine to seize their oil supplies as they did in Georgia? 

When not liquidating our economy, funding life destroying research, crapping all over the Constitution, and undermining national security, I hope Obama has something positive he can do in his free time.