Why the "nuclear umbrella" is bad for Israel, and what this says about Obama

Barack Obama recently announced that his policy of a “nuclear umbrella” protection for Israel.  Basically, if someone attacks Israel, such as Iran, the United States will retaliate with a nuclear strike.  Wow!

So here’s why this is bad for Israel:

1.  First, by ratcheting up the rhetoric to the nuclear level, Barack Obama is implicitly accepting a nuclear Iran.  This is a major foreign policy change by the United States that has a direct and detrimental impact upon Israel.

2.  Another good reason Israel did not and never would have asked for this is the potential that this may trigger a Middle East nuclear arms race. 

3.  Further, Israel already had military plans in place to airstrike Iran’s nuclear development sites.  We know this because Israel has been busy laying the 4.  By the United States acting