We will win by moving right, not left

I could not disagree more with the proposition that they way the GOP will resurrect itself is in moving left. This will not work for several (I would think) very obvious reasons:

  1. “Moderate” Republicans got completely obliterated this year. I mean, annihilated. The last New England GOP rep, Rep. Shays, has been defeated. The northeastern GOP states tried the moderate GOP strategy and it has been an utter and complete abysmal failure. There are good reasons for this (discussed below) which would be replicated across the rest of the country.

  2. Other “moderate” Republicans wind up just leaving the party anyways. Whether its Chafee apostasizing his GOP tag, or Senator Jeffries, or the Governator being almost unrecognizable in his repeated lunges leftward, this may win a few seats in a “bait and switch” type tactic, but all too often its really the GOP base which is being baited. The other RINOs are virtually worthless to the party due to the stamp of bipartisanship they give the other side of the aisle and the failure to support us when we need them.

  3. Social conservatives will never ever ever ever go for the Giuliani type candidate in large numbers. Sure, you can win a few here and there with a national security issue (when its at the fore of voters minds) but there is no enthusiasm at all there. You have to win your base. Do Democrats apologize for their a__-backwards base? No. They went out of power for 12 years, then going left with Howard Dean and a 50 state strategy, they built up liberalism in this country. They sowed their own seeds instead of capitulating. And then they won with incredible grassroots support. The “moderate” Republicans never have so much grassroots support as that. And guess what? They get painted as “right wingers” anyways because they are never as liberal as the Democratic candidate (case in point, Senator McCain). Then, as social conservatives leave the party, or vote on other issues because abortion becomes moot with 2 candidates who don’t support life, your base shrinks, and you can’t win. Which is what keeps happening in New England.

If we don’t stop Planned Parenthood and other liberal interest groups leeching off public funds and turning around with those fungible grants and supporting Democratic candidates and indoctrinating our youth with liberalism, then our base, starting with our children and the next generation of would be Republicans, will be annihilated. The “moderate” strategy is a forfeiture of the future.

4. We don’t need a social conservative consensus in order to win in this country. Even the Guttenmacher institute’s polls only show about a 50-40 Pro-Choice majority, and there are as many polls showing a Pro-Life majority. The abortion industry is far left of the country’s center. What matters is how many people base their vote on the issue, (9%) and there we have a 7-2 advantage according to lifenews.com. So, we beat our counterpart at the polls. Which is all we can ask of from any member of a coalition.

  1. The notion that we are losing because our party’s values are too Christian or too conservative is short-sighted. Not only will this drive a wedge into our own coalition and damage all of us, but it glosses over the fact that the other parts of this coalition have made some serious mistakes that cost us electorally.

I could point fingers, but what good what that do. We all can. Ideally, I’d like to see a party that is a little bit more welcoming to Hispanics (without whom I think we are in serious trouble as a party), a reformed brand that the public does not see as war-mongering, a fiscal policy which is conservative but retires the outworn cliches of trickle-down which I believe the public by and large hates and utterly rejects, and utilize some more of the old school Reagan and Gingrich conservative based populism.

How about tax breaks and tax cuts for “trickle up” economics? The Democrats can always offer more programs than we will. But we can offer to let people not have to give their money and freedoms over to the government, increasing their opportunities.

How about hammering the Democrats more on their chronic mismanagement of every level of government through their raising of taxes and then failing to spend the money on legitimate government expenditures? The Democrats always seem to believe there are more and more programs worth spending money on, but we can recapture the mantle of fiscal responsibility and make the government serve the people again with strong defense, energy policy, and sound national infrastructure.

Ultimately, each part of the coalition must ensure that it stands up and outperforms their liberal counterparts at the ballot box. And ultimately a winning party is one that has a broad coalition. Each part to our coalition has weaknesses and strengths, but we are in this together. United we stand, divided we fall.

I’ll stick with the conservative wing of the Republican party.