Calling all Virginians

Like so many people, I have been sorely disappointed by the election results, and I am deeply concerned over where Obama is going to take this country. Yet, I believe that Virginia is salvageable, and if we, the Virginia members of the RedState community can step up, we can be a key part in that effort. That is my hope, my silver lining, my commitment.

What I would like to do first, is for us to generate a conversation about ideas on how we can win this state back. Its a long hard road, and there is some momentum against us, but we are not so far behind here.

One idea I have is to mimic what the Democrats did in Iowa, that is, to start collecting a database of information of what issues matter most to voters, county by county, precinct by precinct, house by house. Figuring out: 1) What issues individuals are most likely to vote on; 2) What issues they tend to agree/disagree with us on; and 3) A rough sketch of voting history, would help organize grassroots efforts and magnify their effectiveness.

What other ideas do other folks from Virginia have? Would anyone be interested in forming a “subcommunity” within RedState to focus on Virginia?