Worst Congress in History

In 2006, the Democrats rode a wave of anti-Iraq war sentiment, GOP ethics scandals, and an unpopular President Bush into a stunning majority. Nancy Pelosi was given the helm by the vote of the new majority. I think its worth reminding the country of their record:

  1. They promised to end the Iraq war. The Democratic Congress, having promised what they could not possibly achieve, failed to do so. Instead of trying to end the war through victory, they repeatedly voted to legislate failure and to not give the troops the equipment they needed. They uniformly opposed the surge, wrongly. They were content to let more troops die and hope to ride the anti-war sentiment wave through another cycle. Even Obama, the quintessential anti-war symbol of the Democratic party asked the Iraqi leaders to hold off until after the election to make any changes.

  2. They promised fiscal restraint. This Congress has the worst spending record in history, bankrupting our strategic reserves, deepening the deficit and the debt, while blaming Bush for all the problems. It is, however, the Democratic Congress that votes on the budget in all its pork and waste. They have made no significant spending cuts whatsoever. Taxes have increased as they have utterly failed to do anything to reform social security, medicare/medicaid, and the deepening debt, whose interest is swallowing up years of benefits for future generations.

  3. They promised to restore bipartisanship and civility. But instead they launched over 400 investigations into GOP party members in a political witch hunt while ignoring blatant ethical abuses within their own party. They would not even convene to take action on the energy crisis, get meaningful legislation passed on the housing crisis, and took another recess for the Wall Street banking crisis. Instead of addressing problems, they go on vacation.

  4. They promised to lower the price of gas, but it has nearly doubled in 2 short years. They have blocked energy independence proposals of the GOP at every turn and mocked them for seeking the incredibly beneficial measures of offshore drililng, increased domestic drilling, and nuclear power utilization. Many of them want gas this high because they believe it will help the environment.