Obama has a problem with strong women

Barack Obama has a problem with strong women, and he is demeaning to women in general. While I am even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the whole “lipstick on a pig” snarky aside, (though I have my doubts), there are several incontrovertible points:

Exhibit A – Barack Obama flicks Hilary Clinton off in this video.

Exhibit B – Barack Obama calls reporter a sweetie while blowing off her perfectly legitimate question as to if he had a plan to help Michigan autoworkers in this video.

Exhibit C – Obama fails to pick Hilary Clinton even though she won more votes than him in the primary. Now it is true that he wins by 0.1% if we totally discount Michigan, where she was on the ballot but he was not. But even if we give him every single vote for undecided, (which in reality he likely split with then popular Senator “Cheats on his wife but then lie about it together to the public” Edwards (where have I heard that one before…?), then Clinton beats him handily. See vote count here. Heck, even Biden, a guy who got less than 1% of the support within his own party (which put him roughly on par with Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel), stated Hilary was more qualified than him.

Exhibit D – Obama’s convention fails to honor the historic nature of Hilary putting 19 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Then he denies her a roll call vote which was the non-offensive “catharsis” she asked for. Was that necessary? She had already endorsed him and on national TV asked the country to vote for him. He had to skim over her historic achievement? Mrs. Obama’s scowling look of hate at Clinton during Clinton’s speech and her comments that she would not feel comfortable with Hilary on the ticket give even further insight into how Barack thinks and speaks about Hilary. It was a disgrace.

Exhibit E – Obama fails, days later, to honor Palin’s historic achievement in cracking a glass ceiling as the first female V.P. on the GOP ticket, and the first from either party in a quarter century. Instead Obama belittles her as a “former mayor” of a small town. Hmm. Isn’t it customary to refer to Governors by their current title Mr. Former-Community-Organizer? I believe it is. Only later did he retract that initial attack and issue his congratulations.

Exhibit F – Obama dubiously claims he has more executive experience than the Alaskan Governor in a surprise attempt to at least try to compare favorably with the bottom half of the GOP ticket by noting his campaign spent more money and had more people than Wasilla, Alaska’s township payroll. Um, okay. But Governor Palin’s executive experience included a payroll which, you would note I’m sure, spends more in a month than your campaign in a year, with far more employees. And, last time I checked, candidates are not campaign managers, so that’s not really executive experience either, Mr. Zero Experience. Understating a woman’s accomplishments is not the way to woo women voters Senator.