Obama attacks computer illiterate

Computers are great things, and email is a useful tool, but it is not the only way to research or communicate. Those who have teams working under them, particularly a POTUS, don’t really need to use them themselves. Obama has attacked McCain because of his “computer illiteracy.” I’m willing to bet we all know a few people who are computer illiterate, probably because of a generational gap. The older generation who resists using computers are not stupid, unworthy, or incompetent. But Obama’s elitism shines through again. I, for one, will make a point of sharing Obama’s base of attack with everybody I know who is computer illiterate. I encourage you to do the same.

Just add this to the list of folks Obama thinks are beneath him:

  1. Small towners
  2. Gun owners
  3. People who “cling to religion”
  4. People with “antipathy to immigrants”
  5. People who cannot speak a foreign language

So much for a new type of politics. The worst part of this gaffe for Obama is he and his team meant him to say it. They think this is clever politics. Where is the issues-based discussion? Where is Obama’s commitment to not attack on the basis of McCain’s age? (By the way, anyone who saw the GOP Convention saw McCain’s 95 year old mother stand up and sit down when mentioned with more ease than even myself, and I’m a healthy 28 year old man. He’s got good genes, and is only in his low 70s).