Obama/Biden's war against the Average-American family

I’m not a class warfare type. But Obama’s Robin Hood mentality and misguided liberal policies are a danger to the proverbial “middle class” in particular. Let’s look at the fictitious statistical average American family.

Mr. and Mrs. Average-American have some small savings in the stock market. By doubling the capital gains tax, Obama hurts everyday small investors. These parents saving for their child(ren)’s college tuition just found it more than a little harder to send their kid(s) to college through a responsible investment plan. Small businesses found it a little bit harder to make it in the marketplace because their financing sources have been disincentivized to invest. That means less jobs, less American businesses, and more of our manufacturing sector to be shipped overseas, which in turn again means less American jobs. He’s increased the taxes on corporate America too, which in the international economy further incentivizes the outsourcing trend. Let’s say Obama’s tax plan hurt the small business owned by Mrs. Avg-American, but she’s still hanging on.

But the Obama/Biden utopia is not done with her yet. Obama insists we must have fair trade for all people, not just Americans. Obama reneges on several of our free trade treaties in order to renegotiate environmental and labor protections and to trade American interests for his own international popularity. Her business may be one of the ones put under because she can no longer make money in foreign markets that she used to be able to do, or because similarly situated American businesses have similarly suffered from Obama shrinking the economy and her small business which supports other small businesses no longer has the customer base needed to survive.

Now Mr. Avg-American is still working a good job perhaps, but one income is not enough to support their two children. Why? Because the cost of living has gone up. The fair trade policies has shrunk competition in the marketplace meaning that, here and there, various things have become more expensive due to decreased marketplace competition. Also, Obama’s utopia subsidizes those who are not earning as much as he is. He makes $X dollars per year, but the entitlement programs streaming through the Democratic Congress and being signed into law by Obama only qualify those who make a little bit less money than $X dollars to their benefits. Where does that money come from? Obama and the Democratic Congress raise taxes of course, just as every Democratic Congress with a Democratic President has done in the last century. Things are getting tight and they’re eating into their savings. Like others, they spend less to make ends meet, further slowing the economy.

Oil has gone sky high because Obama and the Democrats have failed to implement a meaningful energy plan. We have not built any nuclear power plants which puts us at a severe energy disadvantage to Europe. We are not increasing our domestic drilling. In fact, domestic drilling has decreased because oil companies have figured out that if they make more money it is stolen from them by the government under “windfall profits tax” schemes and their leases to explore have been cancelled under Obama’s energy plan. No offshore drilling has occurred. Although Obama pledged tax incentives for alternative energy businesses, the feasibility of the alternative energies has not yet materialized because Obama never funded or incentivized the R&D necessary for the science to develop. They’ve inflated their tires saving 2-3% on gas mileage efficiency, which means they save about $0.45/week, except when the gas is consumed in rush hour traffic when tire inflation does not help gas-mileage efficiency.

Most of the jobs open in her community she is overqualified for perhaps, or they are too far at home to make economic sense with high gas prices. Plus there’s the consideration of the kids daycare costs and babysitting costs to factor in. Obama has reduced the child tax credit, and unlike McCain, he did not increase the amount of the exemption per dependent. “Its getting harder to be able to support kids nowadays” she comments to her liberal friends. “Well, don’t have kids then,” the DINKs reply. The DINKs have little sympathy for her because they got an abortion, or perhaps just used birth control, (both of which Obama had the Avg-American family pay for through their taxes supporting the federal programs now financing their neighbors abortion and birth control) and the neighbors feel her decision to have kids was irresponsible.

Now the Avg-American couple have been able to save on daycare because she’s staying home for a little while looking for a new job (which along with some similarly situated families dropping out of daycare has resulted in a few less jobs at the daycare institution), but they’ve also cut back on other luxuries and services. The tourism industry suffers as they and others like them skip their vacation, they stop using cable TV, stop eating out at restaurants, and they get rid of their 2nd car.

They are confused perhaps at why their next door neighbors who both have minimum wage jobs just bought a new SUV and does not seem to be having the same struggles. But then they remember that they probably qualify for a lot of government services whose steep phase-outs only benefit those making less money.

They start to wonder if they too will have to become dependent on government programs to make ends meet. They go to a town hall with Vice President Biden where they complain about the effects of these policies, but he tells them that they don’t know what they’re talking about because their IQ is much lower than his.

They take out a second mortgage to put their kid through college. There, their neighbor’s kid got public financing because his parent’s income was less than the Average-American family. They compete against each other on the same tests and essays as all college students must do, but Junior Avg-American gets a lower grade because the neighbor kid, let’s call him Joe B., plagiarized and got away with it. Hey, even if he gets caught, he could always falsify his resume, and even if he gets caught again, he could one day become Vice President, right? Junior Avg.-American works extra hard while Joe B. goes off to parties on weeknights and manages to outperform him. They apply for the same job, but whoops, Junior Avg.-American does not get it because the affirmative action plan caused someone else to leap frog him.

Now, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services has helped create a health care plan that will cover all Americans (and other people living in America). The Avg-American taxes go up again, and since Mr. Avg-American works for a private sector health care company, he loses his job too. The new federal bureacracy hires him fortunately, but at a lower salary than what he had before. His wife gets a rare medical condition but the government won’t treat it because its not covered in the drop-down menus of what they are entitled to coverage of. They cannot afford to take out a loan to see the specialist they need. Had they had the $5000/family health care credit under McCain’s plan, they would have been able to pick an appropriate health insurance provider based upon their known family history and known medical conditions, but now they have less money and she is untreated.

Their mortgage goes into default. They plead with the bank to not foreclose. The bank has a glut of mortgages on its hands, but thanks to the Obama mortgage crisis plan, it now can sell homes that were foreclosed on more easily to buyers who now get a $7000 tax credit for buying foreclosed properties. The glut being resolved, the bank has no incentive to be patient while it unloads other foreclosed properties, and they lose their home.

Obama/Biden 2012 is up for reelection, and this time, Mr. and Mrs. Avg.-American vote Obama/Biden. Why? Because now they too are dependent upon all the government programs Obama is promising, without which they would no longer have any hope whatsoever.