Jerry Brown's First Question as CA Governor: When Should I Tell Them?

Since California simply loves to have Democrats in office – as evidenced by voting blue on every level possible this year – former Governor Jerry Brown shall soon be… just plain Governor Jerry Brown. Now since he’s confident of his new position, his first question is, “When should I tell the mass of uninformed Democrats who voted for me what I’ve been planning from the very start?”

You don’t have to tell me, Jerry; I saw it coming:

“I think he has to (seek tax hikes) immediately,” said Robin Swanson, a Democratic political consultant. “Unless he wants to be the first Democratic governor to come in and make $25 billion in cuts. People elected a new governor for a reason.”

Yeah, exactly. They elected a new governor because Arnie Schwarzenegger’s ineligible to run a third time (thank you, term limits!). But seriously, who didn’t see that coming, other than the Democrat populace at-large? I wonder how he’s going to break it to them. After all, he ran on a fiscally responsible ticket, but Democrats are allergic to spending cuts. What is he to do? He certainly won’t get far with his base by cutting spending,

The massive deficit may force Brown’s hand earlier than he’d hoped on whether to seek voter approval of tax increases, political observers said. Brown, unlikely to get Republican support, has said he would not raise taxes unless voters approved them.

Voters generally hate taxes, but California has already shown itself to be on a suicidal course by letting itself be so deep blue in the first place. California elected a liberal Democrat in the middle of a recession and just when the state is in the worst fiscal hole of its entire existence. California has one of the worst employment figures in the nation. California is also one of the biggest spending states and has the second-to-worst business climate in the nation. Moreover, they skipped over the pro-business Republican to vote into office the same governor under whom unemployment was the highest since the Great Depression until this current recession topped that by half of a percent.

With Democrats, it’s not a matter of whether or not to raise taxes, just as to when.