Why passing the Stupak Amendment was the right thing to

It is nice to be able to overcome my technological deficiencies in order to be able to post again.  To show you how deficient, let me put it this way; when Al Gore invented the internet, he came to me for advice.


That being said, I see a lot of consternation over the House passage of its version of health care reform, and the role that the passage of Stupak played.  Kindly consider my reasons for believing that passing Stupak was the right thing to do:


1.  An unapologetic defense of life, REGARDLESS OF THE CONTEXT, is the right thing to do FOR MORAL REASONS.  Given our Judeo-Christian heritage is deeply rooted in codifying the Ten Commandments into law, defending the right to life as presented in the Stupak Amendment, AND being true to your constitutional oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, is clearly right;

2.  Historically, voting against your principles in order to achieve a desired result often leads to unintended consequences.  For all the things President George W. Bush did that were exactly consistent with the campaigns he ran, whatever you thought of them, I still believe his worst act as President was signing McCain-Feingold into law, given it clearly did not live up to the principles he stated would be necessary for him to sign it.  Even if he felt he would get John McCain on his side by signing it, and that the Supreme Court would declare it completely unconstitutional, which it did not, he was wrong, I believe, to break his promise on that;

3.  Voting pro-life is winning politically, as witness the impressive VA and NJ state house electoral victories of 6 days ago;

4.  In speaking about the rights that we are blessed to be endowed with, I believe we too often think about our own rights, and not enough about God’s rights.  Clearly, we have rights here in this country that others in other countries are literally dying for.  We deserve no credit for having those rights (except of course for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every hour of every day to defend those rights) because we had nothing to do with being born in this great country.  Accordingly, these rights are gifts.  We can certainly agree that with great gifts come great responsibilities.  Isn’t our primary responsibility to defend the right to life that Almighty God endowed us with?  Can any of us imagine a reason why God would create a human being so that it could be aborted?

5.  For those who question God’s creation and hand in this country’s founding and existence, please consider that on the 50-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, two of the men most identified with the crafting of and signing of the Declaration, our 2nd and 3rd Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, died in separate locations and for different reasons.  Isn’t that an extremely persuasive argument for God’s having His hand in the creation and ongoing existence of our country?  Furthermore, isn’t it tactically smart for eternity reasons to be defending His rights?


In closing, let us take faith in knowing that, Biblically speaking, there are numerous instances of God leading those who fight for His rights to victory in their battles.  God be with each of us, my friends, in defending His rights in this battle for our nation’s soul!