It has begun

Everything Barack Hussein Obama and his administration have proposed and implemented thus far has been deliberate and intentional for the sole purpose of creating mistrust, confusion, fear, panic and desperation so that there results much chaos for which more power and control will be deemed necessary which appears to becoming evident daily, our Constitution be damned as it has been declared an old musty and irrelevant document inhospitable to the immoral and murderous.

Anti-gun legislation, unlimited abortion laws, and eventually a health care system that will of economic necessity categorize lives into two columns; those worthy to treat, and those unworthy to live longer and which will have the intended consequences of eliminating those to be silenced never to voice nor fight in their own defense of their God-given rights.

Many excellent contributors here and critical thinkers elsewhere have written extensively of thoughtful and logical solutions to our nation’s current problems, but such sane and commonsense solutions are being methodically steamrolled into oblivion.

As far as I can tell, clearly our Republication leadership for the most part have completely failed on many counts to stand up en masse to challenge in every way possible the reprehensible destruction of our nation.

By now the leaders we have chosen to elect to act on our behalf have had more than enough time to absorb the big picture and time is no longer on our side, but that they continue to fail us makes me believe they need to be kicked to the curb on the Left.

It seems the we American extremists have been abandoned and left to fight our battles alone. God help us.

Tea party rumblings are being drowned out by evil laughter coming direct from the poseur-in-chief and his cabal in the White House amplified through the mainstream propaganda machine.

Gird yourselves, Good People. The chaos is here.