The much vaunted Obama GOTV succeeded in producing approximately 7 million more votes in 2008 than Kerry received in 2004. Contrast this with Bush in 2000 and 2004. Between these two elections 12 million new Republican voters were added.In fact 11 million more people voted Republican in 2000 than 1996. So from 96′ – 04′ Republican vote totals increased from 39.2 million to 62 million. In 2008 McCain captured 57 million votes. Why the decrease from Bush’s 2004 tally of 62 million? The answer is McCAIN. John McCain NEVER had a consistant message.John McCain didn’t and could not articulate a coherent message on the economy.John McCain had to be educated by an Ohio plumber as to the political origins of Obama’s Tax plan. McCain then hammers Obama for 2+ weeks on “Socialism”. The problem with this however was two weeks previous McCain voted for a $700 Billion dollar bailout of the banks which entails partial ownership of participating banks by the Federal Government. In a word SOCIALISM. When the Republican Party nominates REAL Conservatives WE WIN. Fair weather Conservatives, Moderate Consevatives, Maverick Conservatives or I’ll tack to the right during the Primaries Conservatives LOSE National Elections. To blame the loss on Palin is absolute and complete idiocy. Palin can and does articulate a coherent CONSERVATIVE message on the economy. Palin CONSISTANTLY drew larger crowds than McCain. Ultimately and unfortunately for John McCain people vote for or against the TOP of the Ticket. Palin DID NOT cause 20% of Conservatives to vote for Barack Obama. John McCain did that all on his own. That friends is the reason why McCain lost this election. 1 out of every 5 Consevatives voted for the Democrat. If McCain gets those 6 million votes he wins. McCain is the past. Palin is a Conservative and The FUTURE!