ChangeJar Conservative puts his money where his mouth is -- 2012 edition


For those who have wondered where my login on redstate comes from, it was part of an idea that I had a few years back.

The idea is simple — set up a change jar.  Everyday, put your change in it.  Every two years, empty it and split the donations into two parts and help support conservatives and Republicans.  (For those of you under the age of 30, “change” is the remnants of your spending when you use paper dollars to buy things instead of a debit card).


The point of splitting your donation into two parts is to send one part to a “slightly favored candidate” and the other part to a more “dark horse” candidate.  You should do this because constantly giving to all-darkhorse candidates can be a painful way to involve yourself in politics (since they lose a lot) while giving to all favorites is a bit of a con game :-).

2012 Donation Number One

Job One for 2012 is to defeat Barack Obama, but I’m not sending my money to Mitt.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t if that’s how you feel led and I”m quite glad that a lot of rich people are giving to Mitt.  I just think my donations could be better spent elsewhere.

Job Two is taking the Senate (okay more like Job One-A).  We must take the Senate so that we can use reconciliation to repeal Obamacare.  So both of my donations are going to Senators who I feel are tipping point Senators (sorry Heller and Fischer, I think you’re good to go).

You will notice above that I said that I give to conservatives and Republicans.  In this case, I’m going to give my first donation of $63.21 to TOMMY THOMPSON.

Yes, I hear your groans.  I groaned as well, but if you want to find a guy who is on the cusp of winning or losing a Senate seat and who has campaigned vigorously on repealing Obamacare (despite his early embrace of the program) then you need look no further than Tommy Thompson.

Polling shows him in the -5 to +1 area, but with Wisconsin coming into play for Romney and the Scott Walker Turnout Machine, I think that there is a good chance that Wisconsin goes a little bit redder than a lot of other people expect.

2012 Donation Two

There is a myriad of people who I have considered for this next donation.   Brown, Berg, Mourdock, Mack, and Mandel all have gotten some thought here.  Berg is up 10 points in the latest polling.  Indiana is going huge for Romney and I expect that wave will carry Mourdock as well.  Brown can take care of himself.  Mandel … well, I was really close to giving to Mandel.  And I don’t know what is going on with Mack.

The person who seems to need a little extra push across the line is Denny Rehberg.

Yes, I’m cheating a bit.  Rehberg is a bit better than a dark horse, but he is fighting a strong tide this year.

Rehberg is also key because if Tester wins, Tester is going to be there for life in Montana.  Second term senators become life long senators and that is something we cannot afford to do in Montana with another Democrat.

So after I hit publish on this diary, I’m going to be dropping $63.21 off at Mr. Rehberg’s website.

If you haven’t donated at all this year, find a Senate candidate and send them $5 or $10.  In fact, out of the goodness of my heart, I’ve decided to send $10 to each of the above listed that didn’t get my “full” support this year.

Good luck and go GOP!